Free E-Book on Starting your own Clothing Label For Email Subscribers!

Are you starting a clothing label? Or do you already have one? Either way, you need to read our E-Book!

Since our magazine is in the baby stages, we’re offering a copy of our E-Book “5 Improvements to Turn Your Clothing Label into a Success” for free! All you have to do is subscribe to our mailing list (we don’t spam, we promise!), and we’ll email you the E-Book instantly!

Stay tuned!

This E-Book is just a taste of what we’re working on – hopefully by the end of the year we will be releasing an entire book laying out the fundamentals of starting your own clothing label, which will also be a very useful resource for labels already in action looking to hone in their methods!

We here at Shirt Line Magazine want to support all the blooming clothing lines out there!

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T-Shirt aficionado, cognoscente, pundit - whichever you prefer. He's been in the professional t-shirt business for a decade, from every angle including as a screen printer, owner of a clothing brand, owner of a custom printing company, and as someone who buys cool t-shirts.

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